5 Myths Of Weight Loss Surgery

You all must have seen various ads on TV for weight loss surgery. They sound really appealing, but is it true? Can you really get it? Well here are some myths which will clarify your doubts regarding the weight loss surgery.

1.You Will Never Regain Your Weight: Studies have revealed that some people do gain weight even after the surgery as it is up to the patient how he maintains himself.

2. Weight Loss Surgery Is Becoming Very Popular: There are about 8 to 10 million people in U.S only who qualify for this surgery but only 1 to 2 % of the people are going for it. But if you want to contact those who have undergone this surgery and know their reviews then you can go on wlica.

3.You Will Have To Eat Tiny Meals Forever: Your eating capacity will reduce a lot just after the surgery but after some time it will be normalized and you can normal sized meals that an average human has.

4.It's the Easy Way Out: It includes lot of risks and complications. They may experience abdominal leak, nausea or lose up to 50% of their hair. Many patients also experience sweating, shaking and nauseous reaction after eating something sweet.

5.Weight Loss Surgery Will Save My Marriage: In fact the divorce rate for weight loss surgery patients is higher than the national average.

6.My Body Will Look Great After The Surgery: Most patients are left with hanging skin requiring plastic surgery which is often not covered by insurance.

7.I Won't Be Able to Have Children after Surgery: Patients should not get pregnant within the first year following surgery. But after that there is no barrier to pregnancy.

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