How to Clean Your Jewellery at Home

You do not need to have any fancy cleaning products or skilled techniques to clean your silver to a sparkle and your gold to gleaming. Many of the cleaning items suitable for the job you may even already have in the house.

Alka Seltzer , the indigestion and often hangover remedy, is one such items which can bring back the sparkle to your jewellery. Simply drop your dull jewellery into a glass of fizzing Alka Seltzer and wait a couple of minutes. Take it out and be amazed at the shine restored!
Another simple and effective way is to use aluminium foil.

Simply line a small bowl with aluminium foil and fill the bowl with hot water. Now mix in one tablespoon of bleach free washing powder (not liquid) and pop your jewellery in the bowl to soak. After a minute, rinse it well and leave it to air dry. This process is what is known as ion exchange and is a great way to clean silverware.

Another easy way to clean your jewellery is to purchase one of the jewellery cleaning cloths available from many stores. These are small cloths which are impregnated with a special cleaning solution which makes cleaning jewellery easy, quick and without risk of damage.

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