Metal Roofing Offers Many Benefits

The use of metal roofing continues to be a popular trend among commercial and residential properties since they offer many benefits. Its nonporous exterior can withstand extreme weather conditions and temperatures while enduring violent winds of 110 miles per hour. Furthermore, its stone-coated steel exterior minimises such risks as termite damage.

Unlike most of the common roofing products like wood, tile or asphalt shingles, a metal roof reflects sunlight away from the building. In turn, this keeps the buildling cooler by allowing less heat to penetrate. Likewise, the building remains warmer in the winter since heat is reflected from under the roof back into the building. The positive thermal reflectivity enables a building to be more energy efficient while reducing cooling and heating costs. For property owners looking to add long-term value, this is an extremely popular option.
Finally, metal roofing products are cosmetically beneficial. Since metal roofs are treated with high-performance polymer paint, they are less likely to fade or corrode over time. Other than the occasional garden hose sprinkle, they require very little to maintain.

At first, metal roofing products appear to be an unorthodox choice. However, their environmental and economic benefits make a kawartha metal roof a viable option for many construction projects.

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