The Factors Leading To The Degradation Of The Health Of Humans

The health of the human beings is degrading day by day. There are many factors that are contributing to this degradation like, the quality of food that we are eating these days, the lack of exercise and the habit of sitting at one place in a same posture of many hours. These three factors are the top most factors that are making human being vulnerable to all types of diseases. The food that we eat today is so oily and full of fat, which has a direct impact on our heart. The arteries that pumps blood into our heart gets blocked, thus causing a heart attack.

Lack of exercise is another factor that is causing health problems for many people all across the world. Most people go to their offices in the morning and do work on the computers. They work for about 8 to 9 hours and in that period they hardly get up from their chairs. This is causing them obesity and several kinds of heart disease. The number of heart patients has risen up in the past few years because of the above mentioned three factors. If you get a heart attack at work, then there is a facility these days to chat doctor online 107 and get the assistance or first aid in a matter of just a few seconds. This time is very crucial because by the time an ambulance comes, your body would have been revived from the attack.

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