The Importance Of LPI Certification And Expiration

Many IT professionals are actually asking about the importance of getting certified in Linux. Is it really important to get yourself certified in Linux if you are an IT? Let me answer that by giving you the reasons and advantages. According to, certification program is needed for Linux because: it creates industry recognition, it provides an organizational path for students and organizational mechanism for training centers, it could enhance marketing, it also counters the no-support argument, it helps turn students into advocates, and assist in hiring process, and more. Another factor that could be a benefit of Linux certification is it ensures that IT professionals have a means of demonstrating their Linux skills to potential employers while assuring their customers that they ate receiving a quality support services from a highly skilled and knowledgeable IT professionals.

Another very important question is do LPI certifications expire? The answer to this is according to is Yes. Once an IT professional is certified in any level, recertification is recommended after two years from the date of the certification. However, if you want to retain an active certification status, a certification holder is required to recertify within 5 years. Now you have an idea why IT professional need to get certified in Linux. There are actually more benefits aside from what were mentioned above.

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