What is The Herpes Cure?

Women are much more likely to contract a disease such as herpes. This is because of their atanomical make up. They cannot avoid heavy contact skin to skin. People are always trying to find their way around this exception. There are many more people who have failed at preventing an STD than people who have successfully avoided one. People are willing to be with someone who has an STD if they are in love with the said person.

There are thousands of people who are suffering because of the drugs they let pass, and there are people who are suffering because of the drugs that werent passed.

There are hundreds of people who have HSV 2 and are not able to get rid of this disease. People will always do people things. There are hundreds of people who are suffering in the United States, and this is mostly because they arent able to afford medical treatment. This is a large problem.

If your immune system was strong enough to kill the hsv 2 bug; you would most likely be having more problems than just an STD. This is a relatively small problem as compared to other diseases. People want a herpes Cure that is effective.

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